Social Media trends in 2011


Here’s my list of Top 10 Social Media trends I’d like to see in 2011

Shahid Kapoor will finally spell a sentence on Twitter correctly

Men will finally realise that actual hot women have a life, don’t use the internet and cannot be found on social networks. They will continue asking for friendship anyway because importing inflatable dolls is too expensive.

Twitter users will finally realise that number of followers does not equal respect. This will be proved when less than 10 people watch Uday Chopra’s latest release despite him having 1 over lakh followers.

Facebook users will realise that it’s not cool to “Like” a status message about someone’s death.

Lalit Modi will use Youtube to give post-match analysis on every IPL game. He will then get punched by Navjot Sidhu for stealing his job.

Saffola will tie up with Facebook and have their logo next to every status update or comment stating “OMIGOD! I heart you!”

The Ministry of Health will ban 4Square after mistaking the service for a popular cigarette brand.

Facebook’s chat feature will be shut after people across the world realise their friend lists are full of people they don’t like talking to anyway.

Rajnikant and Kalmadi jokes will get a new lease of life as more and more middle-class Indians join Orkut and copy paste their SMS’s.

Mumbai citizens will discover that a MySpace account is the only space they can afford.

Cash or Credit will replace A/S/L.

Blogging in India will die a swift death after people realise that Amitabh Bachchan’s blog was actually being written by an out of work Jugal Hansraj.

(As appeared in HT Brunch on 26th December 2010)

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